Plugin Charging But Percentage Not Increasing Problem In Laptop Motherboard

Plugin charging but percentage (%) not increasing problem in laptop motherboard.


Problem - Dell 3542 Cedar motherboard plugin charging but percentage charging not increasing.

This is the Charging section of the Dell 3542 Cedar laptop motherboard charging section as shown below:-


Charging Section Dell 3542


Troubleshooting - Plugin charging but percentage (%) not increasing problem in laptop motherboard can be due to many reasons:-

1) SIO communication with charging ic via SDA and SCL may cause plugin charging but % not increasing. So, I changed controller IO but the problem not solved.

2) Bq series charging ic is used in the dell 3542 cedar battery charging section. On suspect, changed charging ic but problem not solved.

3) Now, i started checking all the necessary basic requirements of the charging Ic and found that on pin no 7 IOUT no voltage available. IOUT gives AD_IA which is the indication of the amount of charging is done by the battery charging section. So, I got the point.


 Charging Section IOUT pin


4) Further, I checked PSID and found 3.3V at both input and output of pr4205 then I understood that there could be a current issue in this case so, I checked the 33-ohm sensing resistor value.

PR4205 value was showing approximately 950 ohm which is not correct.


charging section psid pr4205 resistor value


Changed the PR4205 resistor with 33-ohm value resistor then fault clear and charging ok.


 Dell 3542 motherboard



||Case Done||


Thanks for reading this case study, pls share this so that more technicians could get help.


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