Keyboard And Touchpad Not Working In Laptop Motherboard

How to solve Unique Keyboard and Touchpad Not Working Problem

Problem - As per client Keyboard and Touchpad not working in Laptop Model - Hp G6 AMD Part No - R63
Troubleshooting - When opened and checked the motherboard found that the laptop was already diagnosed by some other laptop repairing technician. The SIO/KBC/EC was replaced in the motherboard and BIOS was also programmed by him.
Now, I started checking all the basic points that are responsible for the keyboard and touchpad working.
* I checked the connectivity from the keyboard connector to the SIO pins found normal.
* I also Checked Pull-up Voltages at the communication signals and found Ok.
* I also Replaced SIO but no effect.
* I also Replaced the Keyboard connector but the same condition.
* I also Replaced the Touchpad connector but the keyboard and touchpad still not working.
Then I decided to heat the FCH but before doing that I tried to check any physical problem. While observing the backside of the motherboard in the Hp R63 model using the lens, I found that one resistor R693 was a little dirty and dry solder.
I replaced it with a new resistor from the scrap motherboard. When checked the status and working of the keyboard and touchpad BOOM it was working fine.
NOTE - This resistor (R693) is of the thermal section. So, it was concluded that the keyboard and touchpad not working in laptop motherboard could be due to some mismatching of the resistor value or shifting of the resistor value in the THERMAL SECTION.
Mr Brijender Soni 
Laptex Team.

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