Laptop Turning On And Getting Off Solution.

How to fix Laptop Turning On and Getting Off Solution.

Solution- Dell 3542 Laptop Turning On and Getting Off Problem Solution..
Steps to troubleshoot :-
1st Step - Checked 19V supply and found ok at all the testing points in the motherboard.
2nd Step - When Turned on from DC power supply then 3V & 5V Standby Supply was ok and stable. Also, other standby voltages like 1.8v, 0.95v were also available and stable without any glitch.
3rd Step - When checked Ram supply, VS or RUN voltage or DC to DC and CPU VCC core supply were not available on their respective coils. After turning on Dc Supply Load or Current reading was 0.350 Amps.
Changed SIO, BIOS Flashed and BIOS changed but no effect and condition was same.
dell 3541 schematic diagram
Then went back to the basics i.e always start from the RTC section. Then found nearby CPU at jumper pad "g701" (You can see that in the picture) with CMOS battery there was only 0.60v, however CMOS was charged at 3.3V. And after turning on 1.5v was available at that point as indicated in the pic. 
"RTC_1D5V_S5" was dropping to 1.5V after getting transferred from "RTC_AUX_S5" by the IC "U701". So, there could be two possiblility of either this IC being faulty or some auxillary component is fauly or RTC section of PCH is faulty.
First started checking auxillary components and found one Cap "C701" was showing short.
Removed the faulty capacitor then BOOM motherboard turned on on single go and the display was also available.
dell 3541 schematic diagram pdf
Faulty cap is indicated in pic as shown above.
Shorting was also removed and was also showing 900 ohms. So, motherboard was working properly.
Balvinder Singh
Laptex Family Member.

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