Dell 3542 No Display On Screen Problem In Laptop Motherboard

No Display on Screen Problem in Laptop Motherboard


Problem - Dell 3542 No Display on the laptop screen.

dell 3542 no display
Troubleshooting - Dell 3542 no display problem is commonly due to sections as discussed in laptex training support group.
According to the discussion first section to be checked is the PSL (Power Supply Logic) section that is part of the 3V 5V Standby section.
dell 3542 psl logic
Proper 3V 5V coming on the output coils of the standby section.
Then, I checked the next suspected section that is the RTC (Real Time Clock) section.
dell 3542 rtc section
Checked RTC_AUX_S5 coming 3.3 V at the input but at the output of RN1901 (Group resistor) voltage was only 2V. So, the problem was in the RN1901 resistor.
Put Jumper from RTC_AUX_S5 to the output of RN1901 then problem solved.
Display coming proper.
||Case Done||
Naval Singh
Laptex Team


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