Dell Inspiron 15 7560 Bkd40 Part Number - La-d821p Frequent Rebooting Problem Solution

Step by Step Troubleshooting of Frequent Rebooting Problem in Laptop Motherboard of Dell inspiron 15


Problem - As per client information the Laptop was rebooting itself regularly and display not coming.
Troubleshooting - When checked found after connecting DC supply to the system, motherboard is getting "ON" automatically and resetting itself again and again without pressing power button.
la-d821p laptop motherboard
After 6-7 times resetting display is coming. Now, Start checking motherboard step by step as follows:-
1> First checked 19V supply found normal.
2> Since before going further to LVDS section (Display section), S5 state voltage to be checked first, to confirm whether motherboard is triggered properly or not.
3> So, checked first triggering point that is the RTC section of the motherboard. Always remember to check the physical damage of the motherboard.
4> While checking physical condition it was found that "RTCRST" is not available at the RTC RESET point. Also, schematic of the motherboard LA-D821p was not available to me. So, a similar configuration board to la-d821p was checked and traced for RTC RESET path.
5> On suspect basis RTC CELL and RTC Battery holder was changed but problem was not solved.
dell inspiron 15 la-d821p laptop motherboard rtc section
6> Check for any leakage in the nearby capacitor and found one capacitor leaky, changed that and BOOM "RTCRST" was available.
la-d821p motherboard pic
DC supply connected and found after resetting 2-3 times laptop is booting normally each time and "DIsplay" also coming properly.

Case Done. 

Mr. Brijendra Soni
Laptex Team.


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