Lenovo Ideapad Dead Motherboard Problem Solved Without Diagram.

Lenovo Ideapad 100S-14IBR 1501b_01_01 dead motherboard problem solved without the diagram.

Problem - Lenovo Ideapad Dead Motherboard Problem Solved Without Diagram.
Troubleshooting - This Lenovo Ideapad model has no diagram.
In this type of case with no clue about the motherboard schematic and signal flow, the best method is to follow the basics.
1) I checked the 3V 5V standby section but it not available on the motherboard.
2) Physically checked and found IC 3V 5V was APW8823. Then, I opened it's datasheet and checked the requirements.
Found VIN 19V available. But LDO 3V and LDO 5V not present. Someone has opened a 3V 5V coil pad.
I was sure from the discussion in laptex training group that if VIN is ok and there is no shorting at the output of 3V 5V coil and LDO line then the standby voltage regulator IC was faulty. I didn't have the same IC.
So, I found one old 3V 5V regulator IC APW8822 but the IC datasheet was not available.
APW8823 3v 5v Regulator
I tried to fix APW8822 IC in place of APW8823 IC "BOOM" 3V 5V LDO present motherboard ON display also available.
Conclusion - APW8822 IC is compatible with the regulator IC APW8823.
Vijay Singh
Sr. Member
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